“The best gift we can give those we love is a complete, healthy and ultimately the best version of ourselves possible” – Jose Ramon Sanchez.

Brawn is simply a men’s talk group. The mental health of men all over the world has been in a state of constant decline. The vast majority of suicides are done by men who feel like they have no other option.

At Brawn, we are a youth-focused (18-30) group, who allow men to talk and open up with each other. We talk about our issues and share our troubles with other men who struggle. We aim to be better men for the people around us, so that we and those around us are built up.

While this is run out of a church, there is no expectation to talk about faith, only to talk about what trouble that YOU are facing and we also ask that you listen wholeheartedly and respectfully to those around us.

In addition to our talk group, we also engage in activities such as sports, dinners, pubs and much more on a regular basis.

I look forward to journeying with you all on this new ministry.

“Fortune Favours the Bold”