Altitude youth group is our youth group aimed at highschoolers. We follow in the footsteps of Jesus by sharing a meal, enjoying ourselves and listening to the wisdom of others. We firmly believe that accepting Jesus in our lives can only be done by accepting those around us and becoming the best people we can be.

A typical night runs like this. We hang out at the start, get to know each other. We then play a game where we run around, such as dodgeball or even do something a bit quieter such as a trivia challenge. We will then share a meal together. To finish the night off we hear a personal story from a guest speaker or one of our talented leaders before breaking off into small groups to chat about what we heard.

Our group is open to everyone, not just Catholics. We value diversity and treasure the individual and cultural differences that make us who we are.

If any of this interests you, have a look at our dates section that shows our upcoming youth nights!