Bringing the Masses back to Mass

Unrecognizable men praying in old catholic church

Bringing the masses back to mass is something that many of us Catholics have the desire and drive for but how do we make this happen?

Mass attendance has slowly been declining across the board and it’s an issue we face as we look at an aging and declining Church.

The answer to this problem is evangelisation but how we go about doing this really matters. Sometimes it seems no matter what we say, we can’t seem to convince anyone to come along to mass.

Man and Woman Pose On a Cross Monument

If we truly believe that we have something special in regards to our spirituality and relationship with Christ, then it is certainly something worth sharing. So…How do we go about this?

We need to start thinking like a Star Wars fan.

You see, I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I read all the books, I watch all the movies and TV shows and read up online about all the small facts that wouldn’t interest most people.

Chewbacca of Star Wars

I could tell you about all my fan theories about what I think will happen in the next episode of the Mandalorian, I could show you my favorite Star Wars creatures and I could explain the different styles of lightsaber combat. However, no matter how cool that all may seem to me, if you are not a Star Wars fan, you will not care in the slightest. Infact, you are probably turned off Star Wars even more.

If I want someone to begin to love Star Wars as much as me, I have to engage them on a more universal term. Joy. Rather than sharing my knowledge, I need to share emotion. When someone see’s how much I enjoy Star Wars, it shows them that there is something worthwhile about my hobby. By sharing joy, I draw someone towards the experience.

Girl Holding White Flower

This is the same for evangelisation. We must live as Christ taught us and show people what happens when we live to those values. We are radiant and filled with joy. We are changemakers and people who stick to their values. These are attractive aspects that make people think that there’s something worthwhile in our faith.

So go out, share the joy! Live to the fullest! Show that to the world.

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