“Ask and it will be given to you”

But will it?

When I was a kid and I heard God was a magical man in the sky that I could pray for anything I wanted, I decided I liked this Jesus business. I started enjoying going to Church and got very excited for the short time after communion. I was told by my father that this was “prayer time”.

Brown Book Page

I was very excited! I got on my knees and naturally, prayed for all the important things in life. I prayed for a Nintendo 64, a pet dragon, all the Lego I could carry and donuts for breakfast the next morning. As could be expected, 6 year old Thomas was quite disappointed the next morning when there was no baby dragon waiting for him. “Not even the donuts!” I said “Surely, donuts aren’t that hard to create God!” I thought to myself.

Gray and Teal Animal Skeleton Wall Decor

I was convinced that the reason I didn’t get these things was because I didn’t pray hard enough. So the next week I prayed and concentrated with all my might, but alas, once again, not a donut or dragon in sight. I asked and it was not given to me.

Over time I have come to realize that God doesn’t work like my 6 year old self thought. So then, when we are reading Luke’s gospel this week, how does Jesus saying “Ask and you shall receive” make any sense in our lives.

My 6 year old self found this out the hard way as many of us do. When we ask for things from the spirit, often times it seems like it isn’t answered.

Person Playing Brown Guitar

One time I was hanging out with my good friend Tim. He was playing the guitar and I was watching on, admiring his playing and I said “Man, I wish I could play guitar”. Tim laughed and responded by saying “Sure mate, if you really wanted to, you would have picked up a guitar and started practicing”.

Tim was right. I had every chance to learn to play, but never tried to pick it up. The next day I prayed that God give me persistence and strength, I went out and bought a guitar and have started practicing.

I had all the tools there to do what I wanted, yet I wasn’t willing to go and do the hard yards myself. Often times as well, asking someone for something can be hard, particularly for those of us who are quite introverted. When was the last time we were vulnerable enough to ask the people around us for something we really needed, but we were too proud or scared to ask?

Two Men Running On Concrete Road

God gives us all the tools around us to receive what ever we want (Cept for dragons probably). Sure, some of us have to work harder than others to get there, sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we don’t. Its up to us to be vulnerable and ask for what we need from God, the people around us and then put in the hard yards to get there.

God is always more than happy to open the door for us, all we have to do is walk through. Sometimes that walk is tough but then again, anything worthwhile is going to be that way and God will always be there to give us that helping hand.

A pet dragon would still be pretty cool though.


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