In the Name of Love? The New Abortion Laws


As we know abortion has been legalised in Queensland and in my newsfeed, I see two very distinct sides. One that goes against the idea of killing a developing human being and one that promotes women’s choice.

Another thing I see is the pure hatred each side seems to have for the other. You walk past someone on the street and no punches are thrown. But as soon as you give them a keyboard or a phone, World War 3 erupts with opinions of each side being the machine guns, hurtful comments being the grenades.

Let’s look at the intentions on each side. The conservative view is that by allowing abortions you are literally committing murder. So, of course, conservative people want to stop abortion, they do it because they want to protect and love people. The more liberal side believes the unborn baby is not yet considered life and by allowing abortions you are giving women a choice to not have a baby in a bad situation in her life due to many circumstances. They want to protect and love women.

Both sides intentions are pure. They both have love and protection at the forefront of their movement. So why do we go on to brutally attack each other when both sides intentions are loving?

We are human beings and we all do what we can with the best information we have. I personally believe that an unborn child has a right to life and pro-choice would be allowing that child to have a choice if they live or die. But many of you will disagree with me, and rightly so, you believe that you are right and I am wrong due to the information you have been given and that is fine!

God calls us to love ALL our neighbours, not just those who agree with us. And if you believe in pro-choice then surely you would agree that it should be everyone’s choice to also oppose that if they so choose.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t fight for what we believe in. If you look into your heart and see that one side is right or wrong, then go your heart out. But think about why you are saying what you are saying when you ridicule and be so toxic to the opposing side in the so-called name of love.

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