Into the flame: Who are we?


Who are we? Its a question that many of us are constantly asking ourselves. One that I attempted to answer.

To help me answer this, I used Wing$ by Macklemore ( to help explain why we sometimes lose track of who we are. His song talks about how as a kid he was obsessed with his Nike shoes and he identifies with them so much that the shoes became a core part of his personality. “Air Max’s were next, that air bubble, that mesh, the box, the smell, the stuffing, the tread, in school I was so cool”, he needed his shoes to fit in but that’s where is all begins, because by changing who we are to fit in, who do we become?

When I was younger I identified with my body weight, who was I, I asked myself, I was the fat kid who tried to be funny to fit in. I had a friend who was really good at football, who was he I asked myself, a really good footballer. In reality, we are so much more than how good we are at a sport or how much we weigh. At our very core of who we are, we are loved and we are beautiful. God tells us that we are more than we appear, we are complicated beings with minds more advanced than any other known creature. How could being a footballer define who we are?

In this day and age, we can get so caught up with materialistic things like shoes, phones and ads on TV telling us that we need to lose weight to be better people. We soak all this up and think that the person we are is all about the things we have or dont have. We want to thin, we want to be rich, we want to be better, but how? If who we are is poor, and who we want to be is rich, how do we determine our self worth if we cant be rich? God tells us that we are more than this, at our very core, it does not matter whether we are rich or poor, because fundamentally we are beautiful and we are loved.

When God makes it rain, something green is going to grow. God has created every single one of us to be an amazing human being however, he has also given us the freewill to do what we want with his amazing gift. Before we do anything at all, we are beautiful from God and we are loved unconditionally by God.

When a window gets foggy, it’s hard to see through. That is sometimes why we find it hard to see the beauty within ourselves. Things like shoes, phones, money, body issues and plenty more can get in the way of us seeing how beautiful we are. We are all amazing people, capable of doing a billion different fantastic things and we have been given this wonderful gift from God that allows us to live amazing lives. Why should we waste it being concerned about things that don’t really matter? So..who are we? We are loved and we are beautiful, don’t let a pair of shoes hold you back from realizing that.

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